Since 1962, Les Entreprises Bourget offers to its large governmental, institutional and private clientele, all through the province of Québec, a range of products and services related to the construction, resurfacing, and maintenance of road networks.

Recognized as a leader in the deicing salt, dust-suppressant, and asphalt emulsion markets, Les Entreprises Bourget’s excellent reputation is based on a corporate vision focused on being attentive to its many customers and offering them outstanding services.

As proof of its commitment, Les Entreprises Bourget is ISO certified since 2008.

ISO 9001:2015


Les Entreprises Bourget offers a variety of most effective solutions for road maintenance everywhere throughout the province of Québec. As a result of its tangible efforts in research and development, Les Entreprises Bourget offers a complete range of ecological products and services. From design to use, these solutions are environmentally friendly and contribute to the sustainable management of public assets.

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100% Canadian product 100% Quebec-owned business

100% Canadian product 100% Quebec-owned business

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What's New?

A second major investment of more than 1.2 M $ in a few months for the development of enterprises Bourget Inc. of Saint-Paul-de-Joliette

Another major construction project just to see the day at Bourget Inc. businesses. Saint-Paul-de-Joliette in order to allow the company to increase its storage capacity and distribution of products of dust suppressant whose demand is increasingly growing in Quebec, in the municipal world as well as in the sector the private sector, particularly the market of large construction sites.


Local and environmental expertise at the service of the road networks of the Quebec

Companies Bourget Inc. offers diverse and innovative services in the field of the maintenance of the road network. With the desire to offer the best option for the environment, the company has developed a unique expertise to offer a range of local products, at competitive prices.


Companies Bourget Inc. of St-Paul-de-Joliette invites new elected municipal officials of Quebec to review the rule of attribution to the lowest bidder in the dust suppressant purchases

Joliette, December 5, 2017 - the use of chloride-based dust suppressant is paramount to the Canada, particularly in Quebec which, with Ontario, account for about 60% of the total annual demand of 3 000 kilotons (100% basis).

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