Entreprises Bourget Inc. is proud to provide the sole dust-suppressant calcium produced in Canada and the only asphalt emulsions produced by a Québec-owned company. Our mission is to offer our customers the most performing eco-friendly solutions on the market. From design to use, our products and techniques respect the environment with a view toward sustainable management.

It is very important for us to develop high-quality products that meet your needs while reducing the environmental impact associated with their use. Our family values have been established at the onset by the founder who succeeded in building a company with strong foundations. We pledge to continue to innovate in order to valorize our local expertise.

We thank you for your trust in Les Entreprises Bourget Inc., a time-tested company. We always put our clients first and our success is based on our customers’ satisfaction!

Luc Delangis


Joseph Delangis | Les Entreprises Bourget

Joseph Delangis

Delangis Express, the first generation of the family-owned business specializing in the field of transport, was founded in 1929.

Over time, the company specialized in all aspects associated with the maintenance of road networks. Joseph Delangis created Les Entreprises Bourget inc. in 1962. His successor, Pierre Delangis, expanded the company, and it acquired throughout the years a most enviable reputation. Innovation at the service of environment will become the very heart of the services offered by the company.

Pierre Delangis | Les Entreprises Bourget

Pierre Delangis

Luc Delangis | Les Entreprises Bourget

Luc Delangis

Today, the company continues to stand out, notably by offering the only dust-suppressant calcium produced in Canada, more importantly, the most environmentally friendly on the market, and by being the only Quebec expert in asphalt emulsions and coating and surface treatment.


The name of Bourget has been chosen by Mr. Joseph Delangis, company founder, who, because he believed in the importance of education wanted to honor Mgr Ignace Bourget, born in 1799 and deceased in 1885, and who played an important role in founding Joliette College.

Since the beginning of his activities, this Quebec enterprise, actual propriety of Mr. Luc Delangis has adopted high quality standards for all his fields of activities and by the same way getting means to control good performance. That's the reason Les Entreprises Bourget has been ISO certified since 2008.

Acknowledged as a market leader, Les Entreprises Bourget have a good reputation which relies on an excellent customer service having a very precise vision of the future :

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